Hoarder Cleanup and Home Cleanout Services

Hoarder Home Cleanup Vs. Cleanout

Cleanup and Cleanout are mostly different in one way, are you living in the house or moving out.  Both services provide removal of junk, specialty cleaning, interior repairs and refinishing such as walls and wood floors.  The difference is in the way the tasks are executed, and that is because in an occupied home the cleaning professional must take in consideration the effect the cleaning process may take on the inhabitants.  A professional hoarder house cleanup provider must be aware and protect their technicians and the occupants from air-born dust, bacteria or the transfer of germs from room to room. Where in as a Cleanout Service requires less consideration of inhabitants or the care of wanted items.  That is because in a Cleanout Service the home’s contents are typically junk left behind in which all are discarded and hauled away therefore, less care is needed for the preservation of the contents.  Also, in a typical cleanout service there are no requirements for organizing as the residence is completely emptied out during the “Cleanout”.


Why Hire A Hoarder Cleanup and Cleanout Professional

A Hoarder Cleanup or Cleanout project requires more than “a man and a truck”.  A Cleanup and Cleanout service provider in New York, NY require certifications and contractor’s license NYC’s BIC.  A professional hoarder cleaning service will present the property owner and\or resident with certificates of insurance which covers their workers, the job site and practice.  Your health is the most important reason to hire a professional hoarder cleaning service because, a professional understand how to remove the most extreme and dangerous contaminants in the home.  A hoarding cleanup done by a professional will provide a safer, cleaner and healthier living.


Who Needs A Professional Cleanup or Cleanout Service

Those who need a professional cleanup and cleanout services include homeowners, family intervention, property managers and those who care about improving the health and living conditions of hoarders or condemned homes.

  • Condemned Home
  • Code Enforcement Warning
  • Healthcare
  • Trauma
  • Tragedy
  • Eviction
  • Abandoned
  • Moveout
  • For Sale
  • Rental 

Cleanup and Cleanout Services Include

  • Junk Removal
  • Removal of Unwanted Items
  • Decluttering
  • Organizing & Packaging
  • Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Disinfecting
  • Dust Elimination
  • Odor Removal
  • Rodents & Bug Removal
  • Pest Control Treatment
  • Interior Repair & Repainting
  • Wood Floor Refinishing 

Have a special cleanup or cleanout need?

Special requests and needs are welcomed. We have seen it all through the years and cleaned the most extreme hoarder conditions.  Visit our project gallery to see some of our previous cleanup and cleanout just like yours.

Our Goal

Our goal is to restore the lives of hoarders through cleaning and organizing.   We will customize your cleanup or cleanout needs based on health requirmentsd, your special needs and budget.  We are a family owned and operated specialty cleaning company in New York, NY. with a passion for cleaning and restoring elderly seniors and hoarders quality of living.

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