Returning to Normal: Hoarding Cleanup in Long Island

Hoarding is a psychological disorder that results in the collecting of items to an extreme, often resulting in damage to the property where the hoard is amassed. The condition can stem from other disorders, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, or can be independent of other issues. Families of individuals struggling with the illness often feel overwhelmed and may even be forced into action by individual municipalities. When a swift response is necessary, you are best suited pursuing a hoarding cleanup specialist in Long Island, like staff at Hoarding Cleaning Specialist.

Problems Caused by Hoarding

Hoarding can lead to a variety of severe problems for your home. For instance, if left unattended, you can develop problems with pests. Also, mold and mildew, poor air quality, strong odors, floor damage, and several other issues can result from hoarding for prolonged periods. However, the damage is dependent on the type of hoard. People hoard furniture, books, food, animals, etc. Any one of these hoards results in different levels of damage.

Solutions Provided by Clutter Free

As a hoarding cleanup specialist in Long Island, Hoarding Cleaning Specialist staff are fully capable of cleaning your property and transforming it back into livable space. We offer several services to help restore your property:

• Clutter removal
• Carpet cleaning
• Wood floor refinishing
• Pressure washing
• Disinfecting
• Painting
• Pest control
• Steam cleaning
• Odor elimination
• Organizing
• And more

Making Your Space a Home Again

We want to do everything in our power to help you reclaim your space. We want you to feel like going home again. The staff at Hoarding Cleaning Specialist in Long Island understand how taxing a hoarding situation can be. We know the emotional struggle that you are facing, and we want to help alleviate that stress. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of family and the importance of a healthy home. Don’t let an illness dismantle your family. Call Hoarding Cleaning Specilaist today at (800) 284-6610 or fill out the online contact form and let us make your world a better place to live.

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