How to Effectively Approach Someone About a Brooklyn Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding now has its own mental health classification, no longer is it a subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder. As a mental health disorder, hoarders must be approached carefully about the state of their homes. In 2016, the Adult Protective Services in NYC conducted evaluations on 4,071 people and discovered that 7.7% had a hoarding disorder which is double the national average. Before you begin hoarding cleanup in Brooklyn, take these steps to help the hoarder with the transition.

Hoarding Types

Hoarders have a variety of reasons to hang on to all that stuff. Despite the fact that they may be embarrassed to have you in their apartment, they may have an emotional or experience attached to the item, feel the item has untapped potential, include them in collections or are simply compulsive buyers unwilling to let go. Whatever their reason for hoarding, the first step is addressing their mental health. There are support groups and organizations that offer workshops to help them tackle the reasons for the hoarding. Once they address the mental side, it’s time for hoarding cleanup in Brooklyn.

Cleanup Time

Even if the hoarder has made the decision to clean up their clutter, it may still be very difficult for them to tackle. Hiring a service that understands the mental and emotional strain this puts the person under can help with them part with some or many of their possessions. When the clutter is under control, it is easier to detect plumbing leaks, control unwanted smells and entertain guests in a decluttered environment.

Call Hoarding Cleaning Specialist today at (800) 284-6610 for hoarding cleanup in Brooklyn. Or you can fill out the online form to get started on helping a hoarder tackle their home. We offer free estimates for cleanup in Brooklyn as well as Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Bronx and Staten Island. We want to help you get your life back by reclaiming your space.

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