How To Keep Someone From Hoarding Again After a Cleanup – New York Hoarding Cleaning Service

For someone who doesn’t have issues with hoarding, it may seem like the solution is simple: clean it up and it won’t happen again. However, most hoarders have underlying mental health issues, which means changing the behavior can months or even years. In fact, 15% of the people who hoard never even realize they have a problem, which is why it is so common for hoarding cleaning service in New York to visit the same location on multiple occasions. While there is no foolproof way to keep someone from holding onto too much stuff again, these tips and tricks may help.

Stick to the One-Year Strategy

It can be easy for a hoarder to begin accumulating stuff again as soon as the home is cleaned out. Help him or her to prevent clutter by sticking to the one-year (or even six-month) strategy. By helping him or her to throw out or donate items not used in six months to a year, you prevent clutter that could lead to you needing to call another New York hoarding cleaning service in the future.

Avoid Cleaning or Organizing Stuff Without Asking

For many hoarders, there is an underlying need for control. If you notice things are becoming too cluttered again, simply cleaning or organizing for him or her takes away that control and may cause a spiral that creates an even worse situation. By sitting down and talking to your loved one and helping him or her to come to some organization decisions, you can help to reduce the chances of needing another hoarding cleaning service in New York. However, remember that you can’t force someone to do what you think is best, so this often takes patience.

Because hoarding is often a symptom of an underlying mental health problem, ongoing treatment with a therapist or psychiatrist is often recommended. If you find yourself in need of hoarding cleaning service in New York, get in touch with Hoarding Cleaning Specialist. Call us at 1-800-284-6610 to get a free estimate or fill out our online contact form to receive a call from us directly.

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