The Hidden Hazards of a Hoarding Cleanout in Queens

Sometimes the worst part about hoarding isn’t climbing over boxes or navigating through “goat paths” throughout the home. It’s the daunting task of cleanup that can be the real barrier to overcome.

Helping a home recover from hoarding isn’t as easy as finding a place for everything. There are hidden factors that some homeowners need to face when dealing with a hoarding cleanout in Queens.


You can’t clean what you can’t see, and houses filled with clutter have many areas that are hidden from view. While many homes aren’t as bad as those filled with pet filth and the stench of decaying food, there can still be hazards that can cause serious illness.

Cleaning up these messes can often be worse than living with garbage in the first place. In order to avoid contact with mold and other biological dangers, a professional crew can take away the burden of a hoarding cleanout in Queens. They’ll have the necessary tools to tackle the problems without putting themselves, or you, in harm’s way.


Perhaps even more detrimental is the emotional impact of cleaning out a loved one’s cluttered home. Seeing the negative conditions in which parents, friends, siblings or even children have been living for so long can cause a good deal of distress.

When dealing with a hoarding cleanout in Queens, Manhattan, or other areas of New York, you can avoid putting yourself through anxiety. Utilizing a cleanup service puts helps to alleviate the stress and places some of the weight onto their shoulders, letting you stay involved but keep your distance from the emotional impact.

A Helping Hand

Cleaning out a home afflicted with clutter doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Call the Hoarding Cleaning Specialist at 1-800-284-6610, or fill out the online form, for a free estimate. Serving Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and other New York areas, it is our pleasure to help you move forward and transform your house back into a home!

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