Find Individualized New York City Hoarding Solutions

Not every hoarding situation has the same causes or solutions, which is why specialists work to develop individual plans of action with each client who calls for help. If you’re living in a small space like many apartments in New York City, it can be easy for it to get overwhelmingly cluttered, especially if you came to the city after being used to a much larger living space. Small space living requires a different set of strategies and presents a different set of stressors, and when you look for hoarding solutions in New York City, you need someone who understands that.

Tips for Keeping Small Spaces Clutter Free

If you’re working to prevent a small space from developing into a hoarding situation, there are a few ways you can help train your decision-making process to the task. These same strategies are often used as a starting point for planning hoarding solutions in New York City.

• Assess how frequently possessions are used
• Consider renting additional storage for infrequently used but vital items
• Create processes for disposing of broken or worn out items before they pile up
• Ask yourself if you need to buy or if you can borrow for one-use items
• Invest in organization to make the most of the space you have

Staying clutter free doesn’t have to mean living a minimalist lifestyle. In fact, if you have interests that require a substantial supply list, keeping your space organized and preventing clutter is a vital part of being able to enjoy those hobbies. You’re not alone, up to five percent of the population has this same issue each year, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Restore Your Space

Finding New York City hoarding solutions can be as easy as making a phone call, and the right professional will be able to help you make a plan for change that includes processes for maintaining the space. Call Hoarding Cleaning Specialist at 1-800-284-6610 or fill out the online contact form to make contact in Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, and Brooklyn.

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