How a Queens Hoarding Cleanup Specialist Can Revive a Messy Space

If you’re overwhelmed with a mess that has gotten out of hand, you don’t have to tackle the piles on your own. A Queens hoarding cleanup professional can help you take care of a variety of things you might encounter during a cleanout. Check it out!

Situations You May Encounter

Depending on the life you live and the things you’ve collected over the years, you could encounter some interesting situations. Some of those include the following.

• Rodents and Pests – During a hoarding cleanup in Queens, you may encounter various rodents and pests. Some might be deceased and others might have made nests in the mess. Hoarding cleanup includes proper disposal of dead rodents and pests.
• Animal Feces – This not only includes the feces and urine from the pests that may be uncovered, but from pets you may have. If hoarding has become an issue, you may not notice when a dog or cat does their business in the house.
• Odors – Whether it’s an odor from pets, rodents, cigarette smoke or mold, hoarding cleanup specialists have the technology required to get rid of unwanted smells.

Ways to Revive the Area

In addition to handling the specific issues such as rodents, pests, feces and odors, Queens hoarding cleanup goes further into reviving the space. This could include a variety of the following.

• Steam Cleaning – This process not only cleans and sanitizes, but removes many stains and other buildup. Flooring, upholstery and a variety of other materials can be steam cleaned.
• Dust Elimination – Eliminating dust means eliminating airborne contaminants such as pollen, dander, feces, sawdust, etc.
• Painting – Upon request, professional hoarding cleaners can paint a room after it has been cleared out and cleaned so it can be brought back to life again.
• Pressure Washing – A good pressure wash can eliminate grime, mildew, dirt buildup and more.
• Organizing – While clearing everything out of the home, a cleanup crew can sort your items and reorganize them back into your space after the cleanup is finished.

Contact a Hoarding Cleaning Specialist Today

Whether for yourself, a loved one or a neighbor, contact the Hoarding Cleaning Specialist in Queens today at 800-284-6610 OR fill out the online contact form. With the professionals on your side, you can get through the tough situations you encounter and revive your home.

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