How a Hoarding Specialist in New York Helps Clean Out a Home Affected by Hoarding

Some people don’t mind a little clutter in their home. For others, hoarding can be a serious affliction that affects quality of life. Excessive hoarding can make it impossible to use your work or living spaces, can impact relationships with others and can become a safety hazard as it leaves you vulnerable to fire and disease. Here is a guide to how to go about cleaning out a house affected by hoarding from a hoarding specialist in New York.

1. Strategize

Whether the affected home is your own or someone else’s, the first step on the road to home recovery is to make a plan of attack. Decide on categories to sort items and make a list of your values. Which items must remain, and which can you let go of? Write out a schedule and allocate time for when you will work on this project.

2. Start Small

Start with a small room, this will make the project a little less overwhelming. You’ll need materials such as garbage bags, boxes and cleaning supplies. Depending on the amount of clutter you need to dispose of, you may need to rent a dumpster or hire a garbage hauling service. Empty the room and then sort all items into the categories you decided on. Repeat this process in each room of the home. You may need to call a hoarding specialist in New York if the task if too paralyzing.

3. Deep Clean

After you have the garbage removed and saved items stored, deep clean the room. Many houses affected by hoarding have issues with pests such as mice. If you suspect unsanitary conditions, protect yourself by wearing gloves and a mask as you clean and disinfect.

Hoarding Specialist in New York

If you or a loved one is impacted by hoarding, contact Hoarding Cleaning Specialist, the number one service bringing homes back to life in the New York Tri-State area. Our New York hoarding specialist team is caring and considerate of your unique needs and will work with you to make your home beautiful. Call us at 1-800-284-6610 to get your free estimate or book a cleaning. You can also fill out the online contact form.

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