The Fear of Foreclosure Cleanouts – Brooklyn Area and Beyond

Getting your hands on a home or apartment foreclosure is an excellent way to get your hands on some great properties. However, these homes aren’t always purchased in the best conditions.

Often times, these homes are left in a reprehensible state, and it’s up to the new owners to deal with hoarding issues. When working with Brooklyn foreclosure cleanouts, there are quite a few dangers contaminating the shadows.

Zombie Homes

Like any area where foreclosures take their toll, New York City has its fair share of foreclosure homes. These “zombie houses” are often left unmaintained as nature reclaims the garbage and filth left by previous owners.

The danger inherent to cleaning up these abandoned abodes comes from biological contaminants. Sometimes this builds up from a simple lack of regular cleaning. Other times it’s due to previous owners purposefully abusing the property.

Improper Upkeep

It’s a sad fact that owners who have lost their homes to foreclosure often didn’t have the funds to properly maintain their abode, either. After all, repairing leaky shingles seems trivial if the owner can’t pay their mortgage to keep that roof over their head. Brooklyn foreclosure cleanouts often have to deal with broken windows and damaged pipes as well.

This can lead to water damage and mold growth in areas that are hard to reach and take care of. In addition, other damage both material and biological can occur after previous owners have left and intruders settle, leaving drug paraphernalia and other waste behind.

Keeping Clean

Dealing with foreclosures is a risky endeavor thanks to the fears of what you might find. When you contact the Hoarding Cleaning Service at 1-800-284-6610, you know you’re getting the best team in the Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and greater New York City area. Call us today OR fill out the online contact form, and let our team of professionals help your foreclosure start its journey towards becoming a home!

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